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Our Equipment

Here at MFA we use the very best equipment, for example the Little Anne QCPR training manikins we use have now been enhanced to provide a more realistic CPR training session. They are designed for convenience making hands-on practice possible for every student.


- Little Anne manikins are constructed with realistic anatomical parts that provide life-like and educationally effective CPR training.

- A realistic airway construction means that the airway naturally remains obstructed without the use of proper head tilt, chin lift or jaw thrust. This leads to more realistic training as chest rise will be seen when correct ventilations are made.

- Little Anne’s anatomically correct torso and sternal notch allow the student to practise identification of all anatomical landmarks.

- Realistic oral and nasal passages allow for mouth-to-mouth ventilation.

- Highly realistic chest movement and compression resistance feedback, such as a CPR meter, can be used to enhance training and ensure real time feedback and quality.

- Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth. A “clicker” feature signals when the correct compression depth is achieved.

Choking trainer vest:

  • Provides a Realistic Method for Teaching

  • To train both beginners and more advanced students.

  • Can also be used with black blows

Facilitating practical training sessions with hands-on experience, the Act Fast Anti-Choking Trainer Vest provides a realistic method for teaching students how to perform abdominal thrusts correctly and safely.

The Act Fast Training Vest is designed to be worn by one student while another student practices the abdominal thrust manoeuvre (also known as the Heimlich manoeuvre). The patented bladder allows students to practice abdominal thrusts with proper positioning, and when the manoeuvre is performed correctly the foam plug will fly into the air.

The choke vest also facilitates the simulation of black blows through the use of the foam back slap pad. This enables the practising of choking rescue protocols as indicated by the Red Cross and European Resuscitation Council. 

Our Equipment
Our Equipment

AED Trainer:

Designed to prepare the student to use the clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in an emergency.

This training unit provides a variety of pre-programmed training scenarios that simulate the realistic sudden cardiac arrest situation, which can help the student to get familiar with the operation of the clinical defibrillator.

Auto injector trainer:

With this re-usable trainer, students gain confidence in its use and will be able to deliver this life-saving treatment quickly and confidently.

The trainer enhances the learning experience both in its design, by mimicking the steps necessary when using the actual auto-injector, and in its behavior with an audible 'click', confirming that the device was pressed firmly enough against the patient to activate.

Our Equipment
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