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FAIB is recognised by the Health & Safety Executive and the Department for Education/Ofsted and conducts Due Diligence (of Training Providers) so that Employers can be assured of the Quality of our Training Providers and Trainers/Assessors.


FAIB make very clear what standards they require when they Approve, Monitor and Regulate Training Providers as well as the Quality Assurance procedures that are required to be in place. 

It's one of the original Members of the First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) this group includes the Health & Safety Executive.


FOFATO represents around 400 Training Providers across the whole of the United Kingdom as well as a number in Europe. 

It was formed originally to provide the advice and guidance to Training Provider and Trainers/Assessors.  It also provided credibility to Training Providers because FOFATO would conduct Due Diligence against a Training Provider.

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